We’re good with cold

FRIGO is an owner-operated company in the field of cool chain logistics. Since 1996, we’ve been making a name for ourselves in Hamburg as an independent full service supplier in temperature-controlled logistics. What sets us apart is the high quality of our services, the speed, flexibility and customised support that we offer.

With us, you’re in good hands.

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18.000m² for your goods

Since autumn 2014 our third cold storage house is in operation. The new building was necessary to meet the continued high demand of our customers for deep freeze capacities. As all our storage houses it was designed to meet the requirements of an energy-efficient building.

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Frigo Coldstore Logistics – the cold-storage specialist

The FRIGO Coldstore Logistics GmbH is a cold chain logistics company based in Hamburg. The company is specialised in storing temperature-controlled goods and ensuring an uninterrupted cooling chain.

FRIGO’s offer includes the planning, handling, quality management, picking, packing, labelling and storage of food. All the services are available either as a package or individually. FRIGO’s strength lies in individual and customer-oriented offers boasting a high level of flexibility. As an owner-operated company, FRIGO sets high value on long-term customer and staff loyalty.

The storage space comprises 40,000 pallet spaces in a state-of-the-art cold storage house in convenient location just off the A7 motorway at the heart of the container terminal in Hamburg-Altenwerder. The total area of 18,000 square metres in the cold storage house are cooled in as energy-efficient a way as possible. For the building and refrigerating plant, all avenues to save energy have been taken and renewable energy sources used.

The City of Hamburg awarded FRIGO Coldstore Logistics with an Environmental Partnership for the environmental dedication it has shown.