Coldstore concept

Highly piled and deeply frozen

Cold storage houses belong to the especially energy-intensive buildings. This is why in the process of setting up our current cold store already, we drew on all possibilities in the physical realm to save energy. Additional heat from the outside increases energy consumption and can be reduced to a minimum with appropriate measures. Temperature-controlled loading zones and state-of-the-art interlock systems reduce the loss of cold during the entry and exit of your goods and guarantee the uninterrupted cold chain. Inside the cold store, a computer-controlled mobile racking system contributes to optimal use of space on up to seven levels. For the lighting, we apply smart LED lamps, which are only activated through motion control systems as and when necessary.

An ultramodern cooling device offers the largest saving potential. This facility, which is run with the environmentally harmless refrigerant NH3 (ammoniac), works highly efficiently and requires a low amount of operating energy. With the hybrid liquefier installed, we could reduce the annual water consumption by 15 million litres.

With our photovoltaic system installed on the roof, we are already able to generate ten per cent of the required energy ourselves. With our third cold storage that is being planned and to be completed in 2014, we are relying even more on renewable energy and the use of waste heat. Our goal is to undercut the values for a reference building by another 20 per cent.