We trust in our values

As a family business, FRIGO Coldstore Logistics stands for cooperative and fair treatment of customers and staff. Trust, reliability and joint responsibility are especially important to us and are lived by on a day-to-day basis. We have short decision-making processes, well-rehearsed teams and encourage open, mutually beneficial dialogue.

These values have been the parameters for our actions ever since our foundation in 1996. They offer guidance and dependability for both staff and business partners. This has resulted in long-term ties to our staff and customers, for which we can’t help feel a little proud about. We are convinced that these values form the basis for the health and economic success that our company sees today.

Informal interaction

We are open and honest with each other, root and take time for each other.


We lead through trust. Delegating responsibility and decisions is what characterises our leadership.

Self-criticism and responsibility

We take responsibility for our actions and admit to our mistakes. The readiness to apply self-criticism is an expression of our self-confidence.


We are tenacious and persevering in pursuing our aims. Full commitment and diligence are virtues we’ve always prized.


Long-term success and satisfaction are more important to us than short-term profit. We are true to our word – today and tomorrow.

Make and create

We promote personal initiative and effective action and encourage the courageous.


We are self-confident, but don’t come across as overbearing. We don’t struggle to be centre stage – it’s the company that we’re proud of!


We laugh, also about ourselves.

Simplicity, speed and flexibility

We simplify work processes, have short decision-making processes, are open to new impulses and take positively to necessary changes.

Individuality and respect

We appreciate different characters, encourage individuality and treat every person with respect.