Chilled professionally, through and through

FRIGO Coldstore Logistics offers you all the services that you might expect from a modern cold chain logistics company. But with us, you can expect even more, as we are specialised in working to meet our customers’ individual wishes and requirements. Whatever the task, you may always expect a made-to-measure solution from us that will fit your exact needs.


For us, planning means meeting your requirements in an optimum way. We develop comprehensive concepts for you and are able to draw on our many years of experience in the process. Whether you require the transport of chilled goods and their later small-scale distribution, need help with matters related to customs or require individual cold storage services: we are the right partner for you.


We make sure that the cold chain principles are abided to with efficient and economic handling. We offer:

  • Temperature-controlled loading ramps from which the refrigerated lorries or containers are loaded and unloaded
  • Specially designed temperature gates
  • All services related to the entry and exit of goods, such as picking, preparation for dispatch, weighing or individual processing of your goods


We have devised an uninterrupted control system that gives you information about the amount and condition of your goods at all times.
We use the following individual systems:

  • Extensive control of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Visualised warehouse management system
  • Quality management control
  • Temperature management control
  • Hygienic controls
  • Online inventory management
  • Sampling


We assemble your goods as needed. This includes:

  • (Re-)Packaging
  • Preparation for dispatch
  • Labelling
  • Transport preparation
  • Processing of returns
  • Small order picking
  • Individual order picking


We store your products without loss of temperature and find the best possible storage area for it. Currently, 28,000 pallet spaces at a temperature of minus 24 degrees Celsius are available, 2,500 at 0 degrees Celsius and 500 in a multi-temperature room. The overall stock management is run via our particular software, permitting effective control for you and us at all times via your customer login. (link to login?)

Our offer:

  • Storage of loose, unsorted and pallet goods
  • Storage racks
  • Block storage
  • Bonded storage
  • Random storage (discretion secured at all times, smartly regulated entry and exit of goods provides for rapid access)

Special services

To round off our offer, we have some additional special services in store for you. Our strength lies in individual, customer-oriented solutions that we work out with you and professionally carry through.

Our additional services include:

  • A customer login (link to login), that allows you to access your inventory as and when needed
  • Veterinary inspections
  • Price and weight labelling
  • Electrical connectors for refrigerated containers
  • K3 licence for the storage of warehouse goods for animal consumption